Could You Use Some Extra Spending Money Each Month?

Could You Use Some Extra Spending Money Each Month?

Would you like to….

  • work when it fits your schedule so you don’t need to sacrifice any time with your children or grandkids?
  • do something that makes the world a better place?
  • have a business that helps you, your family and others build or rekindle relationships with those they really care about?

Or, does this sound interesting but…

… you’re afraid to own your own business because it costs too much, takes too much time, is too risky or because you have no idea how to do it?

Don’t worry.

I’m a 69 year old retired nurse with no business experience or training and I’ve never had a business before either. Now, I make more than I ever did as a nurse and only work three days a week.

Thanks to this amazing business I do from home, I get to spend two full days every week with my grandkids. How cool is that?

If I can do it, so can you.

Just so you know, I didn’t get to where I am now overnight, it took me 3 years part-time, but you CAN start making a few hundred extra dollars each month right away.

You can get started for less than $400, work part-time when it fits your schedule, not have to quit your job and get complete training and help from me.

So, what is it?

It’s a really fun greeting card business that lets you send any of 30,000 cards (real printed cards, NOT e-cards) in your own handwriting in the postal mail from your computer for less than 93 cents (plus stamp).

… or …

You can make your own custom cards by having your photos printed on the front and/or inside and it still costs less than $1.00. Whether you do one card or hundreds, it’s printed, folded, stuffed and mailed for you the next day!

You can also pick from hundreds of gifts to send with your card…

Millions of people want this service but don‘t know about it yet. And that’s not all, countless businesses need a service like this to keep in touch with their customers and get more referrals, and they don’t know about it yet either.

These days, it’s not a good idea to try to sell high priced products or services…it’s much more fun, and easier, to have a home business that can sell a product at less than a major discount or grocery store – and for 80% less than a card or gift shop!

All you have to do to build this business is send cards, and show others how to send cards.

That’s it.

We have automated videos that do the presenting for you so you will be able to show the system to someone else 5 minutes after I show it to you. In fact, that’s exactly how I’ll show it to you!

You don’t have to believe me about how much fun this business is – you can sign up for FREE! And just pay for the cards and the stamps for you to send a couple cards to check it out.

If you are in the US or Canada, contact me by phone or text at 303-570-9276 with your phone number and a good time and day to call and I’ll show you the system.

Make sure to think of who needs to hear from you and have their mailing addresses ready when I call.

(I also will need your postal mailing address so I can send you a card!)

Warmest Regards,


Jeanette McVoy


About Jeanette

I'm a Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Coach & Consultatant,... I help Stay At Home Moms build successful online home businesses. I am also a mother, grandmother, scrapbooker, cross-country skier, hiker, and biker.

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