The Amazing Story Of A Home Business That Beats Walmart On Price!

You already know that Walmart has the lowest prices. Many retailers, both big and small, have gone out of business trying to compete with them on price, so how could a home business ever do it?

And, to be clear, this story is not about a home business being just a bit under Walmart’s prices, it’s about being 75% under their prices – selling at only 1/4th of Walmart’s price.

If you think this must be about selling some obscure product nobody wants, it’s not. Walmart has 120 feet of shelving, from top to bottom, filled with this product in their Super Stores….

The story begins in a garage back in 2004.

Two guys have decided to start a business creating and selling this product in an entirely new way – using the Internet.

Just like another company you already know, called Netflix, who changed the video rental industry forever, they are changing their industry in the same way – offering their product for less money and in a more convenient way than going to a store.

So what’s the product?

It’s greeting cards.

At $7.5 Billion, the greeting card market is even bigger than video rental market. Netflix was started in a garage a little over 10 years ago and in 2009, they passed $1.67 Billion in sales.

While Netflix never offered you any way to be a part of their success, this card company is structured very differently – as a network marketing company.

That means, anyone, including you, can for one time investment of under $400, be in competition with Walmart undercutting them by 75%! How cool is that.

Check out these facts:

Walmart Super Stores stock 3,276 different cards that take up 120 linear feet of aisle space, top to bottom. The vast majority of their cards (Hallmark) sell for between $2.23 – $2.84. They have a few $1.00 cards and a few $5.00 cards but 95% of them are in this range. So, let’s call it an average sales price of $2.50.

As a distributor for this company, you can sell one single card for 62 cents! That’s less than 1/4th Walmart’s price! But that’s not all, it gets even better. You have:

More Variety – You can pick from over 15,000 cards from your computer. You can even search by keyword. Looking for a card with a dog on it, put “dog” in the search field and you’ll find cards with dogs. More choices, quicker, and never leave home.

Customization – You can upload photos to be printed on the front or inside of your cards to make them really personal. Your message can also be in your own handwriting with your own signature. Show people you really care about them.

Convenience – Shop from your computer in your pajamas. Pick a card from the catalog, create your own, or just add photos. Do it before 11:00 PM and your card will be printed, folded, addressed, stamped and taken to the Post Office for you – the very next day – for no extra charge!

Add a Gift – Choose from hundreds of gifts or gift cards and have a gift sent with your card. Appropriate and inexpensive gifts for men, women, children, babies, pets, business associates along with special occasion and holiday gifts.

Reminders – Your system will remind you of all important dates and make sure you never forget to send a card again.

Millions of people and businesses need a service like this to make building and maintain relationships cheaper, more convenient and automatic.

As a home business opportunity, just think about it and tell me if you think, ever in your entire life, you will run across a business opportunity with such substantial advantages over its competition?

Your opportunity comes from showing this system to others who might be interested in using it or in the opportunity itself. When someone signs up, you make immediate income and also get paid a residual income on all the cards and gifts they ever send.

Your market is huge and untouched – hardly anyone has ever heard of this company. Consider that:

40 – 50 Million people are looking for some additional income in today’s economy
15 Million network marketers can use this to build the businesses they have
14 Million small businesses can use this system to get more referrals and business from their existing customers.

So, can YOU do it? When you have a friend or business associate on the phone by their computer, this is all you do:

1. Have them go to your personal web site for this business
2. Have them click on the “play” button to watch a video
3. Have them click the “send a free card” button & listen as they are shown how to send a card
4. Call a recorded message explaining how to get started

That’s it. Call me at 720-890-8760 and I’ll give you a free demo account and show you.

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