Could You Use Some Extra Spending Money Each Month?

Tweet Could You Use Some Extra Spending Money Each Month? Would you like to…. work when it fits your schedule so you don’t need to sacrifice any time with your children or grandkids? do something that makes the world a better place? have a business that helps you, your family and others build or rekindle […]

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Tweet Why a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge? Because gratitude has the rather extraordinary power to change just about every aspect of life  – in very surprising ways. When I started practicing intentional gratitude I was surprised at how quickly and profoundly my life changed in so many unexpected areas. I believe that sharing gratitude for everyday […]

I love scrap-booking!

Tweet I love scrapbooking; laughs of joy, cries of sadness, memories all worth picturing, gathering and remembering. Memories are gifts that are given to you. It’s not obvious at the time, in that moment or two, when it’s passing you by. A scrapbook is a reminder of all the memories that have been imprinted on […]

Residual Income & A Personal Touch = The Perfect Business!

Tweet Have you noticed how UN-personal the Internet has made us? People say Happy Birthday with email. If you want to contact someone you have to use Facebook or their About Us page to reach them. And forget talking on the phone! While I LOVE the Internet I miss the personal touch. If you are […]

Do You Know Your Lifetime Customer Value?

Tweet Do you know what a customer is worth? By that, I don’t mean the value of a single sale, but rather the ongoing value of their business and the value of their referrals over time. This is called your “lifetime customer value”. So, why is this important? Because you probably underestimate the value of […]