Residual Income & A Personal Touch = The Perfect Business!

Tweet Have you noticed how UN-personal the Internet has made us? People say Happy Birthday with email. If you want to contact someone you have to use Facebook or their About Us page to reach them. And forget talking on the phone! While I LOVE the Internet I miss the personal touch. If you are […]

Do You Know Your Lifetime Customer Value?

Tweet Do you know what a customer is worth? By that, I don’t mean the value of a single sale, but rather the ongoing value of their business and the value of their referrals over time. This is called your “lifetime customer value”. So, why is this important? Because you probably underestimate the value of […]

You May Have Something In Common With Donald Trump & Warren Buffett

Tweet Are you already in or are you considering joining a network marketing company? If so, you have something in common with both Donald Trump and Warren Buffett. Both of them have bought MLM companies – and of course, “The Donald” put his name on his 😉 In the 1980’s and 1990’s network marketing had […]

A Fun Business I Will Help You Personally To Start

Tweet If you have ever thought about having something you could do at home so you could spend more time with your kids and work when convenient, this might be it. There are many reasons this business is ideal for moms like us, but I ‘ll bet no one else has ever offered to help […]

Want To Be A “Stay-At-Home” Mom?

Tweet Would you like to work when it fits your schedule so you don’t need to sacrifice any time with your children or grandkids? Would you like to do something that makes the world a better place and have a business that helps you, your family and others build or rekindle relationships with those they […]