Starting a new business is like getting a new pet

Do you want a pet that learns just the basics (a dog who will “sit”), or are you willing to invest daily time in training your pet to be extraordinary? The same is true of a business. Do you want meager earnings, and little pleasure – or do you want to build a business that is extraordinary?

Goofy, I know, but the key point is, I learned as I went — I improvised. I did not try to figure it all out before I brought the doggies home.

And, just like a good team member, they added some new tricks of their own (unbelievable!). Your team will do as you do. You work hard, you are dedicated, you follow a daily plan, and you will be amazed when your team acts like you!

When starting a new business, you are the one who has to determine what your ultimate goal is for your business and set a daily schedule that you absolutely adhere to.

Are you a part timer who is happy with a one trick pony? Or, are you determined to have a rich business that is built slowly over time with much dedication? It is possible to have a business that will give you riches and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.

Some people just aren’t ready for a new pet or a new business — and others will find the greatest rewards in business and pet ownership. Which one are you?

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I'm a Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Coach & Consultatant,... I help Stay At Home Moms build successful online home businesses. I am also a mother, grandmother, scrapbooker, cross-country skier, hiker, and biker.

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