New Tool – Put Videos In Greeting Cards!

Greeting cards are now high tech! The Send Out Cards system now allows you to upload a video and put it in a card just like a photo.

Here’s how it works. You upload your video by putting the YouTube URL in the photo upload tool. The system creates a QR code and shortened URL that you can drag and drop into your card just as you would with a photo. Here’s the outside

"Golden Retrievers"

Rusty & Daisy in the snow

Here is the inside of the card showing the QR code to scan with your smart phone to watch the video.  You can also type the shortened URL into any browser and watch it that way too.


Video of Rusty & Daisy Swimming in Snow

Give it a try.  If the QR code is too small for you to scan online, see what you would see on your phone by going to


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