My Story

I grew up on a farm in NE Colorado and got interested in nursing at a young age because I helped take care of my two brothers who were in wheelchairs with Muscular Dystrophy.

After becoming a RN, I worked as a pediatric nurse for 39 years and loved helping children and educating them and their parents on preventive health.

Although I loved taking care of patients as a nurse, I didn’t have a life. I didn’t have the time freedom I wanted to spend time with my grandkids, wasn’t being paid what I was worth, didn’t like the hours and was tired of not feeling appreciated.

I realized something needed to change. The path I was following was not going to give me the future I wanted. I needed to find something different, a “plan B” that I could believe in, that would provide the time and financial freedom I wanted.

And then I found it!

A company called Send Out Cards offers a part time home business that gave me the time to enjoy my grandchildren, build my retirement and escape the rat race.

Send Out Cards showed me how I could make money by sending cards and gifts from my computer that the company would print, address, stamp and mail for me the very next day for less than $1.00.

Getting paid to make people feel good and showing others how to do it too. How cool is that!

After only a few short years of working part time at home, I now make twice what I did as a nurse and have the time to spend two days each week with my grandkids.

Would you like to do this too? It’s actually a very simple business and I will personally help you do it. Get in touch if you are interested and I’ll show you how it all works.

About Jeanette

I'm a Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Coach & Consultatant,... I help Stay At Home Moms build successful online home businesses. I am also a mother, grandmother, scrapbooker, cross-country skier, hiker, and biker.

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