How A Business Can Get Referrals By Using Greeting Cards

If you have a business of any type that depends on repeat business from your customers or that would benefit from referrals, you’re going to enjoy this story. . .

A friend of ours was telling us about how his business wasn’t doing all that well and he was thinking about getting into a new line of work. He’d had to layoff some of his staff due to lack of work and was discouraged by the effect the economy was having on his business.

I suggested that he send a thank you card to his customers after completing some work for them and maybe even include a box of brownies as a thank you for their business.

I stressed the importance of making the message in the card one of appreciation and not including any marketing or sales messages – just one of sincere appreciation.

Unlike most people I give marketing advice to, he actually did it!

He had been getting one referral from every 10 or so jobs he did, but after starting to send cards and gifts as thank you’s, he started getting 8 referrals from every 10 jobs instead of only one!

The referrals from one customer alone brought him $3,500 of new profit and he has had to hire his people back.

All from just saying “Thank You” in a sincere appreciative way with cards.

To try out this system for yourself, just click on the link on the right to send a free card!

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