History of Easter Greeting Cards

Although Easter greeting cards were sent as early as 1907, the origin of the holiday dates back to ancient Anglo-Saxons festivals celebrating the arrival of spring and new offspring. Back them it was to celebrate a pagan god called Eostre, and logically the rabbit was their symbol of fertility and spring.

              1907 Easter Postcard                                       1910 Easter Postcard

In the second century AD, Christian missionaries came North and used existing pagan holidays as a way to convert them to Christianity by allowing them to continue their seasonal celebrations but adding the Christian meanings gradually over time.

Prior to 325 AD, Easter was celebrated on various days of the week. After that the emperor Constantine decreed it to be on a Sunday.

The practice of delivering eggs was first recorded in Germany in the early 17th century and then brought to America by Dutch settlers in the 18th century.

The tradition of the Easter bunny delivering brightly colored eggs to good children much like Santa at Christmas started in Germany where children would build brightly colored nests and the Easter bunny would put colored eggs and small gifts the night before.

Sending an Easter greeting card has never been easier. These days you can go online, choose from 178 different cards and have one printed, addressed, stuffed, stamped and mailed the next day for about $1.00.

Easter greeting cards are available in 4 categories: cards for anyone, for kids, humorous and religious.

Send an Easter card for free! Just go to SendOutCards.com/mcvoy and click on # 2 “Send a Card”. Here are a few examples:

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