Home Business Has Never Been This Easy To Understand

Tweet Gaining your family and friends’ support is very important when starting your home-based business. Home businesses take a lot of time and effort to get up and running. Your family must be willing to give you alone time, so that you can dedicate a specific amount of time to your home business. If you […]

Amazing Photo Books!!

Tweet Send Out Cards gives you the ability to create beautiful photo books. Here are some sample pages of a photo book I created for my daughters of their trip to Napa Valley. To learn more, go to http://sendoutcards.com/mcvoy and send a FREE card. It is so much fun!

I love scrap-booking!

Tweet I love scrapbooking; laughs of joy, cries of sadness, memories all worth picturing, gathering and remembering. Memories are gifts that are given to you. It’s not obvious at the time, in that moment or two, when it’s passing you by. A scrapbook is a reminder of all the memories that have been imprinted on […]

My Story

Tweet I grew up on a farm in NE Colorado and got interested in nursing at a young age because I helped take care of my two brothers who were in wheelchairs with Muscular Dystrophy. After becoming a RN, I worked as a pediatric nurse for 39 years and loved helping children and educating them […]

Energized Entrepreneurs & Execs Trust the Way & Know as They Go

Tweet It may seem like a huge leap to jump from a W-2 to the life of an entrepreneur. One of the biggest leaps of faith is to have faith in you. There won’t be anybody giving you evaluations like you may be used to. Oh, there will be evaluations, just not coming in the […]