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Brownie card 2SendOutCards and Brownies

Sent in by: Helene Larson

I am the only one from my large family that moved away from our home. One of my four sisters, who is a twin, had a seriously ill husband. I was unable to fly home so I sent heartfelt cards of encouragement to her and ones of courage and amusement to him.

It soon became obvious that he was not going to recover. There was no way I could fly home to see them, or attend the funeral. So I sent more cards. When he passed I sent her condolences the same way.

Afterward, I didn’t really know if my sister understood my absence, and I thought she might have bad feelings about it. I sent her brownies, just to remind her to take good care of herself.

I got an email from her a few days later saying that, unknown to me, she was going to ask her twin sister to make her brownies but just didn’t have the heart to. Then, quite unexpectedly, my brownies appeared on her doorstep – she was so surprised and so grateful! She expressed how much my cards had meant to her.

I couldn’t go home to comfort her, but the cards took my place and the brownies “sealed the deal.” Before SOC, I would never have thought something as wonderful as this could come out of a few cards and some brownies.


SendOutCards and a Pianistpianst
Sent in by Art Scott

I sent a card to a couple from Virginia that I have known for over 30 years. The husband was responsible for choosing me as a pianist for a singing group representing Liberty University.

As a result of this dear man’s choice, he had a deep impact on my life and career. This same couple also hired me to teach piano to their three children and as a result helped me to pay my bills as a starving college student back in the mid 1970’s.

I sent a simple Thanksgiving card acknowledging their contribution to my life and followed up with a phone call a few weeks later. I was so touched that this husband who is in his late 60’s was so moved by that card and my choice of words, that he instructed his wife to put it in a special folder marked for his eulogy.

Never underestimate the power of words and SendOutCards.

Heartfelt Stories and SendYourLove are the newest addition to the SendOutCards blog!



Wanted to share an SOC Success Story with everyone that Triple J Ductwork (Jeremy Macbeth) had with Target Marketing.

  • Triple J Ductwork had a custom card made with their company logo & contact information on the front of a card ($25.00).
  • They manually entered 80 Roofing Contractors into their Contact Manager.
  • Using their Company Custom Card they created a Campaign Postcard advertising their capability to manufacture Custom Chimney Caps and uploaded a photo of a stainless steel chimney cap to the bottom of the Postcard.
  • They sent 80 Custom Postcards to the Roofing Contractors with 1 click ($56.00).


  • Gained a new Roofing Contractor client who’s first order was for 24 chimney caps …. $4,600
  • Triple J is confident this Roofing Contractor will become a long-term client.

From feedback they received, Triple J will next use this same Campaign Postcard to send directly to Chimney Repair companies.

Triple J has other Target Marketing ideas and will not hesitate to utilize SendOutCards — “SendOutCards is definitely worth it.”



Another great success story using SendOutCards.

The Vice President of a major national bank recently gave a presentation to the Owner/President of a business. The VP knew she was at least 1 of 3, maybe 4, banks who have made presentations to this business owner in the past 2 weeks.

Immediately after returning to her office from the presentation she created a personalized Thank You card using SendOutCards. She knew she had to further separate herself & her bank from the competition … make a lasting, professional impression.

Well the following week she received a phone call from the Owner/President of the business … she had earned his business:

$100,000 business loan
The Business’ banking account
The Owner/President’s personal banking accounts

The Owner/President told the VP of the bank that she was the only person who sent him a Thank You to express her appreciation for the opportunity & for meeting him. Professional & Sincere treatment like this made him feel confident that she & her bank will provide him with the service his business needs.

I learned about this success story at my BNI meeting when the Bank VP gave this testimonial to our entire BNI Chapter. WOW!

Chris Nesbitt



Hello to all,

Just a short to share something that happened this past week. SendOutCards has helped me get back in touch with family and friends. One of those friends was Cameron Garnick. Cameron and I tried time and again to do the SOC walk through, either his computer was down or something would happen to where we could not follow through. He understood the concept behind SOC and how it could quite possibly help them save his ranch in the Jackson Hole, WY area.

Tue. Sep. 25th he called me to thank me for sending the cards and said how good it was to get back in contact, and how nice it would be to see me face to face. He also told me he was heading up into the high country and would call me when he got back.

Well time went by, and on Fri. Oct.5, 2007 I called to follow up, One of his eight kids, Savannah, told me he had died of a heart attack Thur. Sep.27, 2007, two days after we talked, he was 53 years old. They buried him Tues. Oct. 2 2007. I would have been there had I known.

Needless to say, I have been torn up by this as He was a dear friend.

The point of why I share this is that SOC was a true blessing. I had a great 2 months with my friend Cameron because I sent a card! I was able to share with him, and he knew I cared and I would look in on his family, if something happened.

I’m writing to you my SOC family to let you know there is a great family in Wyoming that could use some cards, love, support and Prayer!
Im asking you all, if you feel led to, send a card to the Garnicks, and if you happen to be in the Jackson Hole area stop by! You will have the best time of your life!!!

May I leave you with a quote from Cameron.

\”May you find balance on your trail to the truth\”

Thank you I know there are many to help and pray for in this world, but if you feel led, I will be very grateful.

God Bless You!

Vicki Garnick
Triangle C Ranch
3737 Highway 26
Dubois, Wyoming 82513



HI Jordan:

Just wanted to share a positive feel good e-mail with you. Have a blessed, Day, Debbie

Hi Rhonda:

Just wanted to share a story. I think I told you that the bank we bank at and Molly, has allowed us to come in, and quietly let their customers send a card if they wish. So many are busy and in a hurry, so we hand them information, and I hand them a candy bar, where I made a wrapper to go around it, that says “In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month” Click here to send a FREE CARD, and it has my website, and phone number.

Well when I handed it to this one lady, she started crying, and had me crying, her daughter in her 30’s just had breast cancer surgery on Monday at Beaumont, and she was so thrilled, that I was allowing her to go and send her a ”Thinking of YOU” card., with no obligation, she was so touched.

All month, I have been passing out coupons, that say “In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ or the candy bars, and you know it doesn’t matter, if they sign up as a retailer, or wholesaler, or distributor, to see the smile in that ladies eyes, and to say Thank You to me, for spreading cheer, meant so much. It truly is Giving to Give.

We have such a Powerful Movement we can be involved in, and the choice is up to others whether they want to be a part of it, or not. The ones who decide to be a part of the MOVEMENT, will be blessed in ways they don’t even realize that will come their way.

To share some status, only about one fourth of the people will take the time to stop, and one fourth of that will sit and send a card. So even if you spend several hours at an event to be sharing SOC, and you go home with only 5 or 8 names, you never know what the POWER of ONE can bring you.

I feel we live in such a fast pace world, that so many distributors, expect lots of leads, lots of people signing up, when they need to be grateful for those 5 or 8, and believe in the “MAGIC OF GIVING”. Have a Powerful Successful, Blessed Day!

Future Executive,
Deborah Brolley


February 11, 2008

Mine wasn’t a gift but it was a big win. Three months ago, I did a listing presentation for a seller who was shopping for an agent. A day before that presentation in September, I drove by and took a picture of the home to put in my presentation. He wasn’t ready to make a decision at that time but was duly impressed with my presentation.

I’ve had this prospect on my lead generation marketing plan since then. Two weeks ago, I created a Picture Plus card with that photo and some embellishment about how to market nice and well-priced homes like this one. A week later he called and said “I’m ready and you’re it.”

So, two things: When it’s sold, the $398 is a tiny drop in the bucket. And, if you know someone who is looking for a 2bed 1bath cottage in East Sac, it will be listed very soon.


Thank you,



June 23rd, 2008

I am a general contractor in the Detroit metro area. Two years ago I remodeled a kitchen, and that lady’s neighbor recently approached me to quote the remodeling of her own kitchen. After I met with her I sent her a SOC and thanked her for her time. I then again sent another card telling her I would be in touch soon.

When I gave her the price of $30,000, I was told I was $11,000 higher than the other guy. She said, “He said all that he quoted would be done.” I then said, “You did not only get a good price, but a great price.” I then went on to say, “I am putting down my sales hat. My material cost is more than what he is charging for a 5 week project. Please get another quote.” Weeks later she called to tell me that the third contractor came out and my bid was still $1,000.00 higher than the third contractor’s bid.

Last week I signed the agreement for my asking price and Tomorrow June 24, 2008 I tear out her kitchen to remodel. I asked her why she selected my company and she told me she liked the cards I sent her.

All of the cards were two-panel cards from the SendOutCards standard catalog, and I did not add any pictures to them. Thank you for not only a great product to keep in touch with people you care about, but also a great sales tool.


Ken Kowalski
Upstairs Downstairs Remodeling
Westland, Michigan


Teacher’s Birthday Wishes Arrive Yearly

(Nov.4) – Most of us have a favorite teacher we think about now and again. But few of us ever hear from that teacher again. Not so the students of Mr. Stroup’s eight-grade class at Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis.

Every one of Mr. Stroup’s students – past and present – receive a handwritten birthday letter from him, every year, reports local TV station WTHR

Dan Stroup has been writing letters to students for 30 years. He mails handwritten birthday letters in students in 60 cities, 36 states and six countries.

“Everybody likes getting mail, isn’t that right?” Stroup asks. “E-mail is nice but nothing like finding mail in the mailbox.”

The humble and popular teacher spends a portion of every evening in his living room, writing birthday letters to every students he has had in his Bible class in 30 years at Heritage Christian School.

“Some nights, it’s just a few minutes, but last night it was 2 1/2 hours,” Stroup says. “Thursday nights are difficult because you have to write for Saturday and Sunday.”

Stroup’s handwritten notes include memories of the student in class, with questions about each student’s life and a Bible verse at the bottom of the letter which is written in red pen.

“This year it’s James chapter 1. Do not merely listen to the word, but do what it says,” says Stroup.

Stroup uses a small tablet of lined, white paper to write Tony Dever, a student in his class more than 20 years ago. Stroup learned that Tony’s father had died and wanted to include encouragement in the birthday letter.

Dever, who owns a small family grocery store on the east side of Indianapolis, reads a portion of the letter.

“At the bottom it says: ‘I may try to get down to the store and get some fresh fruit in the next week or two.'”

“That’s Mr. Stroup. Always thinking of someone else,” Dever says to Scott Swan.

Kristen Anderson of Noblesville, Ind., has been receiving letters from Stroup for 30 years.

“Dear Kristen, July is great month, we celebrate the 4th, it’s still the middle of the summer and above all, it’s your birthday,” she reads from the most recent letter.

Anderson has saved every one.

Stroup keeps the names and birthdays of students in a small book. Stroup has remarkable recall of the 2,500 students that have passed through his classroom in the last three decades.

“On Christmas Day, Tim has a birthday. He graduated in 1994,” says Stroup. “Jennifer and Jeff are brother and sister. Both have their birthdays on July 9th in different years,” Stroup explains as he looks through his book.

“I am sure there have got to be some mistakes out of 2,500 year. There are probably some mistakes. I hope they forgive me if it happens,” says Stroup.

Aka Egwu took Mr. Stroup’s Bible class in 1997 and has kept nearly every letter.

“He always gives you a little bit of wisdom. A Bible verse. He gives you a little bit of advice,” says Egwu.

Stroup has students born on nearly every day of the year. In some cases, there are multiple students who share birthday. “Eleven (students) on April 1,” says Stroup.

But even for the busy teacher, is one day of rest.

“Nov. 4 is my day off. No birthdays on Nov. 4 yet,” chuckles Stroup.

Parents and faculty quickly jumped in to lend a hand to Stroup’s project. “It’s been 12 to 15 years since I actually bought a stamp. Because people give them to me. They’ll send to me in the mail. They’ll appear in my mailbox at school,” says Stroup.

His students have learned from Stroup’s example. In 2008, former students went on Facebook and alerted Stroup alums that their teacher was celebrating his birthday on May 27. Stroup was touched by the response – more than 300 handwritten cards arrived in Stroup’s mailbox.

“It was overwhelming. That was pretty cool,” says Stroup.

Those handwritten notes from students are now alphabetized in a filing cabinet in a closet where Stroup can quickly locate them for reference. Stroup pauses in between letters.

“For some of them, if I haven’t seen them for a while, I still think of them as an eight grader,” says Stroup. “It’s just like your own children: They grow up, they’re adults.

“But they’re still your children.”



This email was written 11 months after I sent a card with a picture of the recipient (Sherry) and me (Kathy Paauw) on the front of the card. Just over a year ago, her mother had died and she had been the primary caregiver during her mother’s long illness. Her mother’s death left a huge void in her life and she had forgotten how to care for herself.


I keep the card you sent me of the two of us in Santa Barbara this time last year on my desk. So, you have been with me through this past year because you were always there smiling at me and reassuring me, as only you can do. And, I am pleased to report I have gained 10 pounds, which I think puts me at my ideal weight. I have allowed myself time to grieve and breathe and to be grateful for God’s amazing grace. I have had work and have been grateful for the opportunity to get a pay check – I must admit I am still validated by getting paid 🙂

I have come to realize that I can easily isolate without intention but by just allowing myself to get busy, to get distracted, to be so focused on me that I don’t pay attention to the people who care about me. So, I will offer my amends for not staying in touch and letting you know how much I appreciate you.

I was truly suffering emotionally when we were in Santa Barbara last year and I didn’t know how much until some months later. Your acts of kindness got me through that weekend. Yes, you can say Barbara or Jan or Marika also reached out to me and you would be correct. However, you are the person I remember being at my side when inside I was feeling most alone or scared. You intuitively knew I needed someone to love me until I could remember how to do that for myself.

So I keep your card on my desk and it reminds me that we never know when a smile, a hug, a few kind words, a card or a call will get someone through the darkness. Thank you for being you…thank you for being there for me!

Hugs and love,


PS: Could I please order SendOutCards for a friend…just tell me what you need and I will get it to you. I know the cards will be wonderful to support her business.


The Power of an Expression of Sympathy

Dee Dee Myers, press secretary under former President Bill Clinton, was interviewed in 2009 – right around the time two American journalists entered North Korean territory and had been held captive for 5 months. One of the questions asked by the reporter was why Clinton was chosen to go on the mission to negotiate for the release of these two journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee.

Turns out that Bill Clinton had emerged as the top choice of the North Koreans because, when he was President, Clinton had sent Kim Jong-il of North Korea a letter of condolence on the death of his father, Kim Il-sung, in 1994 – 15 years ago.

Apparently, Kim Jong-il felt that freeing the two journalists was a “reciprocal humanitarian gesture” that he would agree to, since Bill Clinton had shown him such respect when his father died, even though there were no official diplomatic relations between the US and North Korea.

How amazing that a simple note of condolence could have that kind of impact, years later.