Step 5 – What’s Your Excuse?

Step 5 – What’s Your Excuse?

At this point, you might be thinking that all this may have worked for you but it won’t for me because. . .

• I’m too young
• I’m too old
• I’m too broke
• I don’t have any education
• I don’t know how
• I don’t have the time
• I don’t have the money
• I don’t know how or have any skills that are needed
• (insert your excuse here)
• etc, etc

What if I could show you how to overcome every one of those barriers? What if you really could do this and change your life? Are you willing to put some effort into it?

Will you give up TV in the evening? Will you find the time to do what’s necessary? If having your dream life is not important enough for you to put forth some time, effort and a little money, quit now.

There are many stories about people who have overcome all kinds of difficulties to become successful and the one thing they all have in common is that the people involved decided what they want and they never gave up.

This is not a “try it out for a few weeks and see what happens” type of deal. If it took you a year or two to get there with a part time effort, would it be worth it? Are you going to retire into your dream life in a couple years by doing what you are doing now?

Here’s a story I really like…..

A man turned 65 and started collecting his Social Security checks. He realized pretty quickly that his checks were not enough money to live the way he wanted, so, since he was a good cook, he decided to sell some of his recipes to restaurants.

Every day, he got into his car and drove to meet restaurant owners in person, cook for them and try to get them to license his recipe.

He did this for an entire year – making 2 – 3 presentations each day and never made a single sale.

Then, he did it for another year.

And another.

I’m sure his family thought he was totally crazy after the first month or two much less after 3 years.

Then he finally made a sale and got a partner. They started making more sales and opened their own restaurant and, you’ll know the name – Kentucky Fried Chicken. Colonel Sanders founded his franchise after over 1,000 in person failed attempts to make a sale.

Would you have given up before you got to 1,000 in person sales calls? Most people would quit after 10 “no’s” or for sure by 50.

Are you too old? He didn’t start until 65 and made his first sale at 68…

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