Step 11 – My Last 3 Criteria For a Business I Can Believe In

Step 11 – My Last 3 Criteria For a Business I Can Believe In

These last three criteria meant for me I could find no other business than the card business that could meet all 10 of my requirements.

8. I want a business with a service that can be niche marketed to many kinds of businesses

Trying to sell something to everybody or every business is not a niche, selling a service to a chiropractor to get him more patients is a niche.

The card business is the perfect niche marketing vehicle because we have done for them campaigns and cards all ready to go for most businesses. There are over 200 “done-for-you” marketing campaigns you can use and offer your customers in many niches.

There are also cards for at least 50 to 60 types of businesses. Just look at a few of the niches we have covered already. You will see many more once we set up your free gift account.

• Financial planners
• Chiropractors
• Realtors
• Churches
• Contractors
• Veterinarians
• Insurance agents
• Auto dealers
• Small business owners
• Sales people
• And dozens more!

These businesses all benefit from our card service now. Ask yourself this, how many of these type of businesses are in your town? Everyone can use our card service and now you can spread the news and profit!

9. I want a stable company that will be around for the long haul

If you are looking at a network marketing company, they need to have been in business for 5 years because 98% of them fail before then.

Our card business is in its 6th year point and has even had 2 entire issues of “Success At Home Magazine” featuring the company (October 2008 & November 2009)

The other important aspect of this is that you don’t want to join a company with 2 million distributors already. Less than 200,000 is ideal. As of now, we have only 94,000 distributors, so now is the best time – an established company ready to explode.

10. I also want an opportunity to get wealthy through future residual income

Thanks to the network marketing structure and a unique compensation plan, you get both the opportunity to make great money right now as well as build a future residual income stream that can let you retire.

And there’s one other “bonus” too… International expansion! We are already mailing cards in Canada with Canadian postage and is printing and mailing in Australia too.

The long term vision is to have printing facilities throughout the world so that you can send a card from anywhere and have it delivered anywhere else within 48 hours!

Imagine this…

You are on our annual cruise – say it’s in the Caribbean this time, and you use your laptop to upload a photo you just took on the ship and make it into a greeting card.

You have a friend in Germany so you send that friend the card you just created with one click. The card artwork and your message are transmitted over the Internet to the printing facility in Berlin, where it is printed in the morning and mailed locally with a German postage stamp.

Your friend has your card before your ship even returns to port! How cool is that? The international expansion of this business will be a bigger opportunity than the domestic United States market!

So there you have it. As you can see, our card business meets all 10 of my criteria for a business that will stand the test of time, rewarding me and you today and for years to come.

And remember this – you will be rewarded for your own efforts and for the efforts of others with whom you share your business. Is this the perfect business? It is for me. Maybe it is for you too!

To get your free gift account and to send a real card or two, just fill out the contact form on my blog or if you want to send a card right now, just click on the “send a free card” link.

You will be taken to my gift account page (you’ll get one just like it) where you can watch the movie on the center of the page or click the red button I mentioned earlier and have the system talk you through sending a card!

I look forward to explaining the details of how this incredible business can provide a consistent income stream for you and your family and answer any and all questions you may have.

I look forward to speaking with you soon

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