12 Steps To Your Dream Life – Step 1

Step 1 – Before We Start

Where did this info come from, who am I and why should you listen to me?

I want you to know right up front that I didn’t make up any of what’s in these steps. They are a condensed version of what I have learned from reading and listening to famous authors and motivational speakers like Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, leaders in my company and many more.

I am a 66 year old former nurse who spent 39 years in nursing before starting my own home business. I had no business training of any kind and could never have done it without the personal help I got from my mentors just as I will be offering to you.

Now, I make more than  I ever did as a RN and work only 3 days each week so I can spend the other 2 days with my grandchildren.

I go to yoga whenever I want and get massages whenever I want. A few short years ago, I had to get up early just to make it to my job and then also had to work weekends at another job just to make ends meet.

I have risen to be  in the top 30 out of 120,012 distributors in our company. One of the things I like about it so well is that I benefit personally and financially by helping others to achieve their goals.

How cool is that! Work when we want, with who we want and get paid to help others to do the same.

I will not be trying to convince you to join my business in this series of blog posts, but I will be sharing what I have learned that has made me successful so that you can do it too – in whatever business is best for you.

What’s important is the basic principles, not the specific business itself. The business that is best for you may be, and probably is, completely different than what works for me and that’s just fine. I’ll show you how to find it.

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